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Quantitative Skills Center Appointment Scheduler

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Fall 2018 Drop In Schedule

The last day of individual appointments and drop in sessions for the fall semester is Wednesday, December 12th.

To view and book individual appointments, please click "see available appointments" above. Individual appointments open 14 days in advance, we encourage you to plan ahead!

You can book one individual appointment per subject / per week.

You are welcome to attend as many drop in sessions as you would like.

Drop in sessions (no appointment required) are listed below. 

To make an appointment with a STEM librarian, data, or GIS specialist with the Claremont Colleges Library please visit: 

Please email us at with any questions.

Fall 2018 Drop-In Sessions


CHEM 110A, 1-2pm, 8-9pm SCC 228, Study Room #1, with Ryan

ECON 51,52, 1:15-2:15pm, SCC 228, Study Room #2, with Camille 

Math 31,32, 2-3pm, SCC 228, Study Room #3, with Gio 


ECON 57, 1-2pm, SCC 228, Study Room #1, with Gabe 

CS 51P, 7-9pm, Edmunds 227, with Dylan: Cancelled on December 11th.

BIO 40, 7-9pm, SCC 228, Study Room #1, with Ali


PHYSICS 41,70, 10-11am, SCC 228, Study Room #1, with Pulkit

CS 51P, 8-9pm, Edmunds 227, with Jordan


CHEM 110A, 9-11pm, SCC 228, Study Room #1, with Martín 


MATH 30-32,58,60,67,100,101,113,131,151,171, 11am-12pm, SCC 228, Study Room #2, with Eric


ECON 157, 1-2pm, SCC 228, Study Room #2, with Vedant 


CHEM 1A, 3-5pm, SCC 228, Study Room #1, with Ja'Nea 





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Study Sessions

Study sessions booked in the scheduler are individual sessions offered on a first come, first served basis. If you would like an individual appointment and don’t see one on the scheduler that works for you, please email the QSC at and we can work with you to find a QSC Partner that fits your schedule.

Reserving a Study Session

Once you book an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation plus a reminder email a day before your session. Study sessions are no more than 60 minutes in length. It will be helpful to the QSC Partner if you email them ahead of time indicating what topics you’d like to cover during the study session.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so above by going to “View My Appointments” and clicking on the trash can icon.

You must cancel your appointment *at least* one hour in advance, to give other students the opportunity to use that appointment. If you fail to cancel your appointment in time twice during the semester, you will no longer be able to book appointments at the QSC.

What if I’m not taking one of the listed courses?

Study Sessions are listed by course, but you do not necessarily have to be in that course to book a session. For help with basic quantitative skills (algebra, exponents, logs, vector motion, etc.), book an individual appointment with one of our QSC Math or Physics Partners. Be sure to email the partner to let them know what you would like to cover during your session. Also, if you need help with a particular computer program (excel, STATA, SPSS, etc.) please email the QSC at to meet with a Partner.

Please contact the QSC at if you have any questions.